Visitor Log Mode

Test Alerts has added a feature to allow restaurants, and other businesses required to maintain a visitor log, to easily and efficiently stay compliant. No health screening questions are required. Registered users do not have to enter personal information on each entry. Businesses do not have to manage paperwork and can easily retrieve data on request from the secure dashboard. Data is private and can be used to send out a blast message if needed.

How it works:

  • Each business creates a new location and selects “Visitor Log” as the sign in setting and prints a visitor information sheet.
  • Each business/location creates and posts a sign at each entrance with a QR code or custom survey code.
  • Visitors simply scan the QR code or enter the PIN on entry using their personal cell phone. They are only asked for a name and best contact method (email or cell).
  • Upon submission, a green check is displayed to indicate they have registered and can be shown on entry.
  • The dashboard will show a daily list of patrons.
  • Test Alerts subscribers can create multiple signs/locations each with a different sign in setting.  Thus employees can take surveys and visitors use the visitor log.