Pricing and Features

BASIC level (free)ENHANCED level ($75/month)PREMIER level ($200/month)
500 surveys a monthUnlimited surveysUnlimited surveys
Unlimited locations and alert recipientsUnlimited locationsUnlimited locations
30 days of survey history reportsDetailed history reports for 90 daysDetailed history reports

Visitor log mode (limited trial)
Visitor log mode (NEW)Visitor log mode (NEW)
Custom survey codeCustom survey code
Customizable questionsCustomizable questions
SMS alerts (NEW)SMS alerts (NEW)
Unlimited alert recipientsUnlimited alert recipients
Upload custom logoUpload custom logo
User invitation & management
Kiosk support
Export in CSV format
Customizable location alerts
Grant access to dashboard
Basic level has unlimited surveys for subscribers prior to 11/1/2020.
Limited to basic free limits. Max 500/mo contact log entries. Branding, customized questions or SMS alerts.