Our Products

PDANS, Inc. was founded in 2018 and based in the State of Michigan.  It is an acronym for Progressive Drug and Alcohol Notification Service (PDANS.com). Our primary market is in supporting the local courts for Random Drug and Alcohol Testing.  We send a series of daily notifications for users EVERY day if they must test or not each day.

With the advent of COVID-19, we have branched out to also notify for scheduled COVID-19 testing or antibody testing as people return to work.  During this process, we became aware of the need for a daily survey tool and developed the Test Alerts – Covid-19 Survey Tool.

Other products:

  •  Test Center in a Box – A website to allow for a small test center to generate / display who must test each date.  It includes special notices, locations, hours.
  • Color Picker Tool – The ability to enter colors/groups, target frequencies, days and other criteria to generate a master calendar.
  • Court Compliance Reporting – Create a set of reports to present to courts as requested of daily notifications.

We can be contacted by email at info@pdans.com

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