How It Works

COVID-19 self-screening software for employees and visitors.

Employer Sign-up

1. Print QR posters

After signing up you’ll be prompted to generate a QR poster for each location. Print these off and put them at all entrances.

2. Surveys are Ready

Employees can now take the survey by scanning the QR code for following other instructions on the poster.

3. Reports and Alerts

Get reports on daily surveys taken and receive alerts when a survey is flagged.

Entering a Building

1. Scan QR code

QR codes are posted at each entrance. Scanning this on your personal smartphone or tablet will take you straight to the survey. First-time users will require a quick registration process.

2. Complete survey

Take and submit the short survey.

3. Show Check-mark when entering

After the survey is submitted you will see a check-mark unless excluded.



Frequently Asked Questions for Employees / Visitors

What is a QR Code?

A QR code “Quick Response” is a 2 dimensional barcode that stores a link to our website along with the site information.  The QR Code can easily be read by most cameras and is built into most modern cell phones.

How do I Scan QR Code?

Open the Camera on your phone and hold it so that the QR Code occupies the bulk of the screen.  Once in full view, hold it steady and the screen will capture the content and display a URL in the view finder as a link.  Simply tap on the link to start the process. DO NOT TAKE A PICTURE / MAKE SURE IT IS IN CAMERA MODE.  This may take a little practice but will become second nature in short time.

Why do I have to take a Survey each time I enter?

The daily survey is mandated by the State and Local Health Departments and a requirement for all employers to request such information before anyone is admitted to any public or private facility.  We have streamlined the process to only require you to answer the questions on the first entry of the day and allow you to enter rapidly without any contact.  On subsequent scans, you will only see the green check or red flag.

My phone does not have a camera, or I am unable to get it to read the QR Code.

If your phone cannot read a QR Code, you can manually go to our website and type in the 6 digit alpha-numeric number as shown on the visitor scan sheet.

Why do I have to provide my Name and Contact Method?

It goes without saying that to protect you and others, if a situation arises where we need to contact you, we need such information.  To save time, you can register and bookmark this page and avoid reentering your name or contact method each time.  This information is not shared with others but may be shared with your employer or health department if requested.

How do I Register?

For most companies, registration is optional and simply makes it quicker and easier to enter the facility.  You can register using your custom account/password and save your login information.  There is a link at the top right of the survey to register.

Is my Information secure and private?

Any information provided is securely stored and not shared with others.  It will be accessible by the company and provided to the health department if requested.  We store minimal information and no credit card data.  We follow HIPPA rules so as not to communicate to others without your consent.  We pride ourselves on being secure and use the latest measures to keep your information safe and secure.

What questions are on the survey and why are you asking them?

You will be asked to answer some basic questions such as your temperature, symptoms, contact w/ Covid-19 patients, and recent travel.  Answer all the questions truthfully.  If you don’t see a green check, it simply means that further documentation is needed.   You may be directed to see an HR representative to provide further information, sent home, or to a doctor to seek medical help.  Remember this is for your health as well as the protection of our staff and mandated by the local health departments.

Will you sell or share my information to others?

We DO share your responses with the employer/agency to which you are entering and they may provide to governmental agencies as requested. Our free version may contain targeted ads but we will not sell your contact information or put you on mailing lists.

Why is the survey conducted daily?  How does this benefit me?

Remember this is not just about you but others as well.  This allows for each facility to achieve a certain level of contact tracing.  Suppose a visitor is later determined to have COVID-19 and was in our offices.  By having detailed records of who has been here, they can try to smartly control the spread of the virus by having small groups isolated or tested vs having everyone stay home.