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Create a distribution list of recipients that are notified when an exception occurs (flagged survey).
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From company-wide views to single-user granularity, the information you need is here.
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Provides an up to date view of the daily status.
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Reduce the complexity of screening across multiple physical locations.
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Up and running in minutes with nothing to install.
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No special app required to take a survey.
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Used by any size business. Each location is tracked separately with several views and reports available on the Dashboard.
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TEST ALERTS – FAQ for Employers

What does it Cost?

Our service is completely free. This includes unlimited surveys with email alert notifications. We have two enhanced service levels which are completely optional for customers that require additional features. More information about premium upgrades is available after signing up for a free account. The base service will always be free for companies of all sizes.

How do I sign up?

Go to and click on the For Employers tab.

There is a simple sign-up process where you enter your Company information, locations, and contact information.  You will then be able to print signage or send an email to have each employee sign up.

Is information private and secure?

Yes.  We do not sell or share employee data with anyone.  You may see targeted ads based on your location.  We do make information available to the employer (company admin) for retrieval to send to local or state health departments if requested.

Wherever possible, we mask information and not include contact information on displays.  This information can be displayed with drill down displays.

What Happens if Survey Questions Change?

We have adopted the question set per what we believe covers the vast majority of our users’ needs. As we receive updated recommendations from various sources including the CDC, we will the necessary changes to the survey.  Your employees will immediately receive changes and you will not have to take any measures to implement the updated questions.

What if there are features that I want that are not in your Test Alerts Covid Survey Product?

Please contact us with feature requests. We are able to work with enterprises on developing on-premise or otherwise custom solutions as needed.